Do I need a doctor’s referral?
No. However, some insurance companies require that you first see a physician or get pre-certified. If your insurance company requires any forms, I will be happy to complete them at the end of the appointment.

What should I expect at my appointment?
Appointments are scheduled every 45 minutes, which allows for taking medical history if a first visit, the consultation and the treatment.

Osteopathy is a manipulative therapy, meaning I use my hands to diagnose and treat. After taking your medical history (chronicity and characteristics of the appearance of pain, aggravating and calming factors, etc…), I will identify the specific dysfunction and determine its origin (active, passive, orthopaedic, neurologic or osteopathic) by palpation, using my hands.

Specific techniques are then adapted to based on the diagnosis and your current state of health. Explanation throughout and/or a brief synopsis at the end of a consultation serves to both inform the patient and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Advice and/or exercises may be also be given in order to optimize the benefits of the consultation.

If needed, a follow-up consultation can be scheduled.

Will it hurt?
Some soft tissue techiniques may cause minor discomfort during treatment, but I will explain what to expect and techniques can be adapted if needed. You may experience some stiffness or soreness in the 48-72 hours following treatment, but this is a normal and healthy response which should disappear on its own as the body continues its work.

What should I wear?
Please wear comfortable clothing. If needed for the consultation, you may be asked to undress to your underwear. If you prefer, you may wear loose shorts and women may prefer a sports bra.

How many treatments are needed?

This will depend on your condition, your body’s reactivity, vitality and rate of recovery; however, most problems can be resolved in two to four consultations. After the problem has been resolved, I do recommend periodic preventative treatments to help maintain good health and function. Osteopathy is, as a therapy, both preventative and curative.

What payment methods are accepted?
CFA cash only, please.